In an alliance between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph en Español, we present the 5 kryptonews that have had the most impact on the market and the ecosystem in the last few days.

Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19, BitMEX’s legal situation and KuCoin’s hacking have shaken the market, although Bitcoin’s price and the rest of the market have not reacted as strongly as one might expect them to have done before. Is it moving now at a more institutional pace?

Thanks to a collaboration between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph, with Cristobal Pereira, CEO of Blockchain Summit Latam and LaTamTech, and Ezio Rojas, Head of News of Cointelegraph en Español, we present you a summary of 5 of the news that have impacted the market and ecosystem of Blockchain technology and cryptomontages during this week. You can also listen to it in podcast format here.

  • LATAMCASH is building an NFT ecosystem with the KAYBO gaming platform
  • Investing in a business or in Bitcoin, which is better?
  • Trump vs Biden Debate Analysis: Have you bought Bitcoin yet?
  • A debate about Bitcoin and the dollar is taking place virtually
  • Top Kryptonews of the week: Bitcoin reaching $500K, Ethereum aiming at 250 USD, DeFi completing BTC work and much more
  • 3 reasons why the CFTC lawsuit against BitMEX will not affect the price of Bitcoin

BitMex lost 45,000 Bitcoin due to US government accusations, allowing other exchanges to benefit

Gemini, Binance, OKEx and Huobi seem to be the biggest beneficiaries of BitMex consequences.

More than 45,000 Bitcoin have been withdrawn from BitMex since the U.S. government imposed charges against the exchange and its leadership. October 1st brought two devastating blows to BitMex. First, the CFTC and DOJ filed charges against the exchange. Shortly thereafter, its founders (including CEO Arthur Hayes) were indicted by the U.S. government. The market reacted to the news with a sharp drop in many of the blockchain’s largest assets.

BitMex denies the accusations of the CFTC and the Justice Department, says they will continue their operations

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