Brazil: example in the production of clean energy


<1> At the opening of the worldwide conference on climate changes held in Abu Dhabi, the general secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon pointed out how Brazil is a perfect example for other countries regarding the use of energy policies aimed at producing renewable energies

More than 100 countries were represented at the meeting organized by the United Nations in Abu Dhabi, with the aim of evaluating the future of worldwide energy. Other than heads of state and representatives of the energy sector, there were also representatives from the financial and academic world. During a press conference after the opening ceremony, the general director of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) Kandeh Yumkella said that Brazil is an example to follow as it is one of the few countries with an electricity grid supplied more than 80% using renewable energy, is also a leader in the production of biofuels, and has successfully started up the Luz Para Todos (Light/Electricity for Everyone) programme, that has already supplied electricity to more than 14 million Brazilians. &#8232;&#8232;The Minister of Energy and the Environment, Edison Lobão, present at the two meetings, said that Brazil can contribute actively in the efforts of the United Nations in defending the use of clean energy ''by means of the availability of technology connected to the development of hydro-electric energy, energy efficiency and the Luz Para Todos programme." Minister Lobão also praised ''the real war against poverty, which concerns 1.3 billion people all over the world who do not have access to electricity, in favour of clean energy," and pointed out how, since the 1970s, Brazil anticipated this struggle, when it created its pioneer programme of biofuels and, more recently, in 2003, creating the Luz Para Todos programme.