Brazil: 10-year, USD 236 billion energy plan approved


The Brazilian Minister of Energy and the Environment, Edison Lobão, has signed a new ten-year plan for energy expansion until 2020 (PDE 2020). The actions aim at providing an integrated panorama of the expansion in demand and offer of energy resources over a ten-year period

The PDE 2020 ten-year plan for energy expansion, signed by the Brazilian Minister of Energy and the Environment, Edison Lobão, sets a starting point for new infrastructures regarding energy supply, needed to satisfy the demand for charging requirements, according to safety criteria regarding supply set out by the national energy policy. The plan also includes a growth in energy consumption from 237.7 million TOE (ton oil equivalent) in 2010 to 372,000,000 TOE in 2020, with an average annual growth of 5.3%. This means that the total investment needed to satisfy the demand of energy should be about BRR 1,019 billion. Moreover, the estimate regarding the national offer of electricity will increase from 571.6 TWh in 2011 to about 867.3 TWh in 2020, increasing national supply per person from 2,959 kWh/per inhabitant to 4,230 kWh/ per inhabitant, confirming how the higher availability of electricity could be an important indicator of wellbeing of Brazilian families. During this ten-year period, total investments in electricity will be BRR 236 billion. Most of these investments will, generally, concern plants that are already granted and authorized. Traditional projects that have still not been granted or authorized will have a cost of BRR 190 billion. The growth in energy investments will therefore have an important role in maintaining economic activities and the preparation of national infrastructures for economical and sustainable growth in Brazil. In this sense, Brazil therefore confirms its position as one of the most important countries for renewables at international level.