Brazil: 31 GW of wind energy installations by 2025


As explained by the IHS Emerging Energy report, the country is leader in Latin America for wind energy potential. In fact, according to the report, lower production costs and government subsidies are attracting more and more investors

More than 31 GW from wind energy in Brazil by 2025. This information results from the research carried out by IHS Emerging Energy, in which the country is the leader in Latin America with regards to wind energy potential, with important commercial outlooks in the mid-term. During an auction organized by the Brazilian government in August this year, the developers of 44 wind farms gained 39% of the total capacity, with an average of BRR 99,58 (almost USD 63) per MWh, less than the present average price of hydro-electric and fossil fuel projects. Lower production costs, government subsidies and growing demand for electricity are attracting continuously growing numbers of investors to the Brazilian renewables market, and to that of wind energy in particular. Among these, Wobben Windpower, a branch of German company Enercon, which set up its first wind turbine blade production unit in the country in the 1990s, and which will reach the record of 554 MW of installed wind energy power, in 2012. Wobben’s example was also followed by important European operators of the sector such as: Gamesa, Siemens, Vestas and GE Wind. The most recent was the French giant Alstom, which has recently inaugurated its factory for the manufacture of wind turbines in the state of Bahia. From 11 to 13 July 2012, in San Paolo, Greenergy Brasil, the important fair on renewable energy, will take place alongside Enersolar+ Brasil, the fair-conference on photovoltaics.